We are combining a global network of start-up accelerators, innovators and research institutions with the latest consumer trend research to identify upcoming market opportunities and expedite growth for our clients. Quantitas works with both promising early-stage startups as well as multinational corporations de-risking the innovation process with an experienced multidisciplinary team of entrepreneurs, strategists, data scientists, product owners and ex-corporate executives.

  • Customer Discovery

    Identifying what your customers value most to discover uncontested market spaces, establish unfair market advantages and eliminate trade-offs between value and cost.

  • Value Delivery

    Building, acquiring and establishing meaningful strategic partnerships to deliver competing value propositions and develop new organizational capabilities into sustainable growth.

  • Process Integration

    Developing post-acquisition integration plans, team staffing plans and setting up new performance measures to ensure your new capabilities develop into core competences.

  • Process Efficiency

    Implementing artificial intelligence and rules-based process automation tools and modern communication methods to focus human resources where they are needed the most.

  • Market Foresight

    Enabling leaders to identify scout technology, collaboration opportunities, market disruptors, new entrants and threats and build acquisition pipelines.

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