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Embracing Uncertainty


Innovation should not be a process of inventing, but the successful commercialisation of existing technologies by meeting consumer trends. Strategic management decisions on value propositions are what align organisations to their competitive advantages. In the growing pressure for gaining a bigger share of the consumer wallet, distinct and highly competitive value propositions are forged and delivered at the exchange of what drives changes in consumer behaviour, what the organisation is capable of and what is technologically feasible today.


Rapid technological change is creating ambiguity and ambiguity creates opportunities. Artificial Intelligence, big data and machine learning are however no longer what organisations “do”, but how they choose to deliver value to customers. New products delivering value propositions, which were once considered 3rd horizon innovations requiring years of heavy investment, are coming to market in months in the new venture capital fuelled competitive landscape.


Working with customers and organisational stakeholders in bringing third horizon innovations to today, we help identify pockets of opportunities where value propositions can be uniquely better than the customer’s next best option and organisational value delivery operationally flawless. Business leaders equipped to act in the face of market ambiguity can build paths to growth that have not yet been imagined.

Building irreplaceable organisations


There are very few sectors which are not affected by changes in customer behaviour emerging from technological changes and adaptation. As any old technology will eventually be replaced by newer and more impressive feat of value engineering, understanding the pace of substitution requires analysing the competition between the new- and the old-value ecosystems. Requiring not only understanding of the organisation, the competitive space, the near-future technological changes and their effect on consumers, but also an actively and successfully outpacing the market with new products and services.


A poor product or service concept can rarely be converted into a commercial success, but a great concept is equally improbable to succeed without proper stakeholder support, avoidance of costly technological choices or unbiased and independent interpretation of what customers are not really telling you.


Irreplaceable brands, services and organisations are built upon value propositions that not only deliver once but keep over-delivering over time. Most organisation believe that engaging in ideation sessions, followed by proper analysis using skilled analysts, innovation will inevitably occur, and all will be rewarded. The expectation that no matter what route your innovation process takes, one can iterate a way to winning products or services, can lead to paths resulting unsuccessful product launches and limited learning from those failures.

80% of new product launches fail across the globe

Building the next together


We bring a structured approach and an external perspective to your innovation efforts. By quantifying customer expectations, the speed of change and mapping the true organisational capabilities we can discover, acquire, adapt and implement new products and services to support successful commercial launches and expedite business growth. We can support building your irreplaceable organisation in three categories:


  • Insight to Technology. As an AWS Consulting Partner, we work with the latest commercially available technologies and the largest development partners in the region to ensure these paths can be followed and your products and services come to market while they are still relevant.
  • Insight to Market. Our network of consultants speeds up the identification of existential threats, discovery of collaboration or acquisition opportunities for your organisation as well as connects your organisation to successful innovators across the globe. Consumer behavioural modelling, ethnographic and experimental research allows us to discover quantifiable underlying behavioural trends stemming from technological changes.
  • Insight to Customers. Customers do not and should not have all the answers.  “It isn’t the customer’s job to know what they want”, the reactive approach to delivering merely the expected will elevate products and services to a satisfactory level at best for the customers. Employing JBTD, workshops and co-creation in understanding the underlying why of the current and future customers behaviour, your organisation has the possibility to transform its role from playing catchup to defining the industry.

To us, next is what customers secretly desire and wait for, next is the new you bring to market and next is the measurable business outcome it delivers. We work for the pursuit of next.

Working together for the pursuit of next
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