Digital Benchmark

Digital Benchmark is public research evaluating the European organisational readiness to cope with a fully digital economy, identify opportunities to overcome the challenges of previous and future lockdowns in physical economy, energy shortages and expedition of the European economic recovery.


Ten main categories of digital and innovation maturity will be re-assessed for participating organizations and the evaluation can be completed by one or many representatives with a good overview of the organization. The final results of the study will be publicly available on this page in the form of whitepaper and detailed results will become available only for participating organizations.



The study is carried out by random sampling from public datasets. Selected organizational participants will receive a personal invite over email from our team and will have access to detailed results of the study. If you or your organization has not been selected but would like to participate or you have lost your invitation, please let us know



To ensure the anonymity of the respondents, no identifiable information is stored about you or your organization. As a respondent, you will only be shown a unique code once, which you can use to retrieve your organization’s results and make comparisons to general results. Please copy and safely store this code as it cannot be recovered.



The first flight of the research flight is completed and we’re calling for participants to the second flight beginning August 2022. Participants will be able to access their individual company results from this page or via directly contacting the research team.

Collaboration Methods

Culture & Expertise

Customer Experience

Information Technology

Organizational Practices

Process Digitization

Product Innovation

Artificial Intelligence

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